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Support and Help on Errors

  • Error opening Sage Peachtree 2014
  • Unable to launch Sage Peachtree data file
  • Unable to update Sage Peachtree
  • Sage Peachtree Backup Error
  • Error converting Sage Peachtree data to Quickbooks
  • Unable to re-install Sage Peachtree
  • Sage Peachtree cannot print
  • Sage Peachtree cannot connect to bank
  • Sage Peachtree stopped working
  • Sage Peachtree cannot verify
  • Sage Peachtree cannot connect to bank
  • Sage Peachtree 2016 Upgrade

Sage Payroll Software

The typical Payroll module shall give you much more when compared to a basic processing tool. Sage Payroll not only permits you to pay your employees accurately and on time, but allows you to manage your HR and employee records also, prepare for audits, interact more proficiently with the Inland Revenue, with European Working Period Directive and track adjustments comply. https://sagehelp.support/sage-tech-support/

Software Features

1. Paying your employees

Includes a selection of payment features, which meets how so when you want to pay your personnel and make sure you are paying your personnel correctly. Worker data and HR integration means you can store detailed employee information, including photographs, personal stats and keep maintaining essential HR records such as for example appraisal and disciplinary information also. Sage Customer Support

2. Advanced Net Submissions & eBanking

Includes advanced functions to permit you to receive and send details from the Inland Earnings electronically. Plus you may also instruct payments, such as for example wages or Inland Income payments, with eBanking Historical info and audit facts electronically.

3. Essential Data

To assist you find and access info necessary for external sources, such as for example historical facts for a taxes requests or audit from the huge benefits Agency.

4. Enables you to gain access to information quickly

Print copies of studies and track when adjustments were made. European Performing Time Directive, New holiday by hours feature will permit you to manage your employee working hours more accurately, to make sure compliance with the European Performing Time Directive, Sage Covers provides usage of unlimited and support and help, legislation updates and on-line advice.

5. Paying your employees

Relax in the self-confidence that your payroll satisfies Inland Revenue requirements.

6. Pay your staff members quickly, and accurately easily

Use simple data access screens, help web pages and a wizard to help you through the process.

7. Produce forms such as for example P11, P14/60, P32, P35 and P45

Follow the simple step-by-step year end process. • Established yourself or others valuable task and time reminders to make certain that you complete vital payroll tasks promptly.

8. Pay your personnel by cash, BACS or cheque

Process your worker wages weekly, fortnightly, monthly and four-weekly.

9. Password Protected Payslips

Send payslips electronically with the added protection of password protection.

10. Advanced Net Submissions & eBanking

  • Submit your 12 months End P14 & P35 sorts electronically to the Inland Revenue – tiny companies could claim benefits as high as £825 over 5 years.
  • Submit approved forms, such as for example P45, P46, to the Inland Revenue over summer and winter electronically.
  • A safe and sound mailbox within Sage Payroll permits you to receive and send data electronically to the Inland Earnings.
  • Automatically update Employee Data when you obtain and agree to notifications of improvements from the Inland Earnings i.e. improvements to education loan payments.
  • Employee Data & HR integration, store and keep maintaining essential employee information, incorporating appraisal and disciplinary information, salary and job history and standard employee records.
  • Store historical data for 7 years.
  • Printing copies of payslips and copies of statutory information, including P14/60, P32, P11, P35 and P45, from your own kept data.
  • Maintain an audit trail of adjustments to your payroll data for improved reporting.
  • European Working Period Directive, record employee holidays in hours to make certain that you comply with European Working Time Directive regulations.

If you want to go over Sage 50 Payroll computer software, Contact Sage Tech Support Phone Number on +1-888-846-6939 or utilize the contact form, Alternatively you can purchase Sage Payroll from our online store.

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